Live Audio Production

Our forte is live engineering. We have been in the business of live sound since 1989. So we have various sized systems to suit most projects.

Recommended for most DJ setups, speeches, cafe sound or 2-3 piece bands. This can be a loud or modest system depending on how it is run. Small is only referring to number of inputs. This is what we can offer for the best pricing and most parties and other events run fine on this system. This would include:
A small 8 channel mixing console
2 - Full Range Cabinets (powered or unpowered)
Computer setup with music (if appropriate)
Subs can be added for an additional fee.

This live sound setup is for performances that anticipate live sound from bands or other microphone heavy production. This would include:
A multi-channel Mixing Console (16 inputs minimum),
2 or 4 Full Range Cabinets (may be powered or unpowered)
2 or 4 monitor arrangement with adequate Equalization and Power
System Processor
DI Boxes, Mics and Mic Stands
Subs also available

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